Alicia 'Motolady' Elfving

In today's moto culture, you would be hard pressed to find a motorcyclist in America who has not heard of Alicia 'Motolady' Elfving. Since the 2011 establishment of her website, Alicia has combined her love for motorcycling with her passion for marketing as a means of encouraging female riders (males too) into the sport and to keep them there. 

You will see her passion for motorcycles and the motorcycle culture exuded in her detailed and energetic blogs featuring women who ride, gear and fashion reviews, news in the industry, motorcycles as art, and more. In addition to being a two-wheeled junkie, she is also a writer, photographer, artist, and she makes bad-ass leather goods and jewelry.

Alicia has truly made an impact in the motorcycle community by helping change stereotypes for female riders and by providing them with resources to be better informed and safer riders.  We at Motorcycle Missions can say we are a few of many positively influenced by her passion. Thanks Alicia! 

Photos and video: Dalton Campbell Photography

Dual Sporty photos: Sean Delshadi

Pandora photos: Shaik Ridzwan