4 veterans had a blast on Sunday learning from Pro racer Tyler Livesay of The MX Factory. Throttle therapy at its finest. Here is what one veteran wrote to us about his experience. 


"To Motorcycle Missions,

my day at the MX Factory riding with a few other vets was the most fun I've had on two wheels in years. As someone who is a little intimidated by riding on dirt, I was a bit apprehensive about getting on a full MX track. However, the level of instruction from the pros there at the camp was incredible, easily the best and most caring instruction I've ever had when it comes to riding. 

The coaches walked us through some simple drills and low speed maneuvers, and then slowly challenged us to work up to faster and faster laps, all while receiving personal coaching and tips to maintain proper technique. By the end of the day, I was pushing myself faster than I ever anticipated I would be going, and having a blast doing it. 

Being a roadracer, I've always wanted to crosstrain on dirt, and now I have finally gotten the confidence to make the leap.

Thanks again to all who volunteered their time, facility, bikes, and most importantly, passion for riding safe and having fun. 

Chris S