The Hand Built Show: 2016

The Handbuilt Motorcycle show takes place during MotoGP weekend in the heart of Austin, Texas and is credited for being a motorcycle mecca for all things braap. Showcasing the finest, creative and most unique motorcycles in the world, it is a motorcycle lover, art lover, and flat track lovers paradise all rolled into three glorious days. The American Motor Drome Wall of Death is the main attraction where you can watch the stunt riders ride vertically on a 15 foot wooden wall at 3 to 4 g’s of pressure, snatching money out of your hand as they pass you by. Put that action next to the temporary flat track in the parking lot across the street and you’ve got an action packed, fun and free weekend.

The American Motor Drome Company has done an excellent job reviving the carnival and fair action from 100 years ago with the The Wall of Death. The drome is a wooden cylinder, 30 feet in diameter, and shaped like a silo. The stunt rider ride along the vertical wall performing all sorts of stunts and aerobatics on a fleet of vintage Harley Davidson's, Indian Motorcycles, a go carts. 

The action has been part of The Handbuilt Show each year and is crowd favorite. Who doesn't love the smell of burnt tires and fuel?

Thanks to Indian Motorcycle and Roland Sands, flat track came to Austin with a bang. Not only did they set up a flat track in the parking lot across the street, they hauled in dirt just a few days prior the event and were still rolling it out hours before the doors opened. Needless to say, the event was epic and has encouraged a new generation of riders to take up the sport, evidenced by the slew of flat track events that have landed in Austin ever since. 

And you can't ignore the brave souls who 'run what they brung', dressing up in costume and giving it their best. This is motorcycling with true spirit. 

Photos by: Dalton Campbell